The Buggy and the Small Fly

One hundred years ago there was a Buggy (a horse-drawn carriage) carrying guavas was on the way from Selarong region to a big market in Bantul City. At that time the road is still bumpy, holey and made of stones because there is no asphalt.


When the Buggy was passing through the sandy road, there is a fly that landed on it. At the same time the Buggy’s speed becomes slowly. Actually it was not for the presence of fly, but because of Buggy’s wheels held up by the sand that filled the street.

But by the fly, these low speed is considered because of him.

“Well, the Buggy becomes so slowly. It’s no doubt, he can’t hold my weight”

Then the Fly think he is the most heavily flies in the world.

“Who’s can match with me? No other animals is heavier than me!”

After a while perched on the Buggy, the fly became bored and want start to flying again. Coincided with he’s flying, the Buggy has completely passing the sandy road, and the speed is back to normal again. The fly become more convinced that his body is really very heavy.

“Well, I just leave a moment and the Buggy can be running normaly. Surely my body really heavy for him!” The Fly said with a proud heart.

The Fly then thought if he was perched above the Buggy, and moving his wings, the Buggy will running faster because driven by his flapping wings.

Shortly after the flies tried to perch again in the Buggy and moving his wings. Suddenly the Buggy speeding. The Fly are shocked as his body thrown from the Buggy. Luckily, he could fly before his body fall to the road.

Actually, the Buggy was speeding because pass through the descend road. So naturally the Buggy drove faster because of the gravity power. But it makes fly feel more superior. The fly then shouted to the horses that drawn the Buggy.

“I’m sorry friends. I was wrong in measure my strength. I think my wings move too fast, so your Buggy going too fast!. Sorry Friend. In the future I’ll move my wings slowly” The Fly said with a proud heart.


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