Depok Beach Jogja, A Place of Seafood Cullinary

If you have vacation to Jogja and you want to enjoying the taste of fresh seafood on the sea shore, I’ll suggest you to come to Depok Beach, near the Parangtritis Beach. Depok beach is a new comer among Jogja’s famous sites for vacation. The beautiful beach is famous for the delicious seafood vendors lied across the beach.

You can buy fish, clamps and other seafood directly at restaurants or you can go to TPI (tempat pelelangan ikan / fish auction site) to browsing & picking some fresh fish and then bring them to the restaurants. The restaurants always welcome to cooking your seafood.

At Depok Beach, beside you eat delicious seafood, you can enjoying the beautiful scene of beach and sea, especially at the time of sunset. Currently, Depok Beach is a fast growing tourism destination at Yogyakarta that attract many visitors, especially at holiday moment.

Depok Beach, Yogyakarta

A visitor in action at Depok Beach, Jogja

Mbak Dewi, the crew of Bakso Bangjo in action at Depok Beach

Faundra Abdan Fuadi at Depok Beach, Yogyakarta

Fisherman Boat at Depok Beach, Yogyakarta

A girl playing on sand at Depok Beach, Jogja

Reza at Fish Market of Depok Beach, Jogja

You can choose some fish at the market and send them to restaurant for cooking


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